A Whole New Physical Therapy Experience

Flex VR

A VR physical therapy APP built with Unity and Leap Motion that captures health data and motivates patients. It helps patients to reach rehab goals by making repetitive movements more pleasuable and entertaining.

On FlexVR platform, communication between physicians and patients has never been closer. Physicians can now remotely join the patient’s home training and provide real-time instructions, modifications, and feedback. FlexVR is an ideal solution to bridge the gap between patients and physicians.

Why Choose Flex VR

A fun, interactive PT experience

FlexVR allows you to aguge patient satisfaction and motivate them by gamifying the repetitive PT experience. When your patients have good experiences with the training sessions, they are much more likely to come back and stay engaged.

Measuring patient’s experience

Measuring your patient’s experiences is critical to success. Therapists could leverage patient’s health data gathered by Flex VR platform to measure patient’s training, track and analyze patient’s performance, gauge patient satisfaction, and determine which areas need more improvements.

Storing health data in Clouds

Patient-generated health data (PGHD) will be collected from the VR app and safely stored in our database, which is remotely accessible to their therapists. Your can have a wholesome understanding of your patient’s stage and modify the prescription accordingly.

Managing training schedules

FlexVR system allows your patients to book appointment times in app. Online scheduling gives you a competitive edge over other offices, especially where younger patients are concerned. And FlexVR help you and your patients to keep track of the training sessions.

What our users say?

I was struggling to be motivated in home therapy. I don’t think this long and dry exercise can help me much. Flex VR shows me a new entertaining way to do physical therapy. And it’s not too hard for an elder patient like me to learn how to use it.

– Melissa Glick

“This app is brand new to the market. We need to see how it will change the perspective of physical therapy. When VR devices become more accessible, this will be the new trend.”


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